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Default Small but annoying FX5500 problem.

Whenever i right click on a video file, *.avi *.mpeg etc, the screen goes black for a second or 2 before the drop down menu appears.
Has anyone else experienced this and know of a way to stop it happening?

My previous card was an MX440 and did the same thing. Both cards are AGP, and both cards do not have this problem if i roll back to the 44.xx drivers.
I've just downloaded and installed the 77.77 drivers and it still happens.

My specs are:
Winxp pro
AMD 2600XP
Abit NF7
FX5500 256MB AGP

The workings of a video card are very much a black art to me, no matter how much i read about the various settings etc. my brain just refuses to take it in.

All suggestions appreciated.
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