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Default Re: Play movie on PC/Watch on WS TV

according to the manual for the TV, 852(WVGA)x480 is a valid resolution but when setting the resolution with Powerstrip or through the Nvidia settings, the closest I can get is 848x480. Even through Nvidia settings, if I try to create a custom resolution of 852x480, it says it's invalid. The TV is identified correctly through plug-n-play though. Not sure why the numbers are off a little.

Anyways...having the desktop at 1024x768 & TV at 848x480 OR the desktop and TV both at 848x480 still won't give me a full screen widescreen movie on the TV. I get a stretched picture with bars at the top and bottom.

I've been testing with a store bought WS DVD that when played on the standalone DVD player displays correctly.

I've also checked the settings in the DVD player software and tried various things with the aspect ratio and still can't get the (can we swear here?) thing to work right!

I'm beginning to think I could get the computer to walk around my apt before it'll play a movie correctly
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