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Question Samsung X10 plus Gforce FX Go 5200 Drivers Issue

Hello Everyone,
I have been searching the forum but have only found issues in linux not under Win Xp Prof, as I am having.

I have been downloding drivers upto 68, after the 70s started I kept getting an error saying I didnt have an nvidia graphics card ( )

So I have many options, uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers but get the same error, I even rang Samsung Up, and they only said they only soported the drivers they had on their web page, which are Younkers old, release versions only.

Has anyone had a similar problem, and is there alternative options. A friend of mine has been using non-official drivers on his nvidia card (not an fx 5200 go).

I mainly wanted to upgrade because HL2 states I had out dated drivers, so there is where my endvour started, I use my Laptop for Online gaming and I am worried old drivers may cause some future problems.

Can any one explain what is going on?

The Laptop Stats are
Samsung X10 plus -
512MB Ram
Win XP Prof SP3 installed
Gforce FX Go 5200

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