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Default Re: So after 6 months, I finally got WoW...

Cool story man. I too, finally bought WoW. I was hardcore FFXI on my PS2, but it just became way too much of a grind for me. So I sold all my stuff off and took the cash, and it basically covered my 7 months of FFXI play. People have been harassing me that I get on WoW and now I finally got my uber rig, and I bought this past monday.

Jump onto to Shadow Moon with my bro and friends. I create an Orc Shaman cause it seemed alot like Thrall from Warcraft III, so I was like cool, lets do it. With in 20 minutes of playing, all my friends/guildmates are ragging the ever living hell out of because Shaman are for n00bs and are 'WoW on eazy!!1' How the hell was I suppose to know?!

The game is pretty easy, though. After only 3 hours of play, I'm level 10, only died once, and haven't needed to group yet. In my EQ/FFXI I probably would have died 10 times and taken me 5-7 hours to hit level 10.

My rig
AMD Athlon64 X2 4400+ @ 2.5GHz
BFG 7800GTX OC 460/1300
2GB (2x1GB) RAM DDR400 Corsair XMS
74GB SATA Western Digital 10,000 RPM
Windows XP x64
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