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Default Re: So after 6 months, I finally got WoW...

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09
Well I guess you can always raid BWL for the Wrath set, vamp.

I bet there's 1-handers in there that make Quel'Serrar look like a pocketknife.
The 1h swords in there are nice but don't really come close to Quel'Serrar for either tanking or for a fury build. I got bored of tanking all the time so I switched to a dual wield fury build and now I outdamage the damn rogues and mages in our Molten Core runs.

Considering I should be starting basic training this month I simply won't have the time for playing WOW anymore. I suppose I could always just freeze my account and see what the future brings, as it stands my raid guild is probably a minimum of 2 months of having enough well equipped members to tackle BWL.
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