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Default Re: So after 6 months, I finally got WoW...

Originally Posted by vampireuk
The 1h swords in there are nice but don't really come close to Quel'Serrar for either tanking or for a fury build. I got bored of tanking all the time so I switched to a dual wield fury build and now I outdamage the damn rogues and mages in our Molten Core runs.

Considering I should be starting basic training this month I simply won't have the time for playing WOW anymore. I suppose I could always just freeze my account and see what the future brings, as it stands my raid guild is probably a minimum of 2 months of having enough well equipped members to tackle BWL.
I hear ya, I changed from protc and tanking to 31-5-15 It is friking awesome. I am axe speced for my reaper which I will get friday and I have the atributes in protc for my armor and such. It makes me much tougher to kill but I have ALL the arms and crits up the wazooo. For a warrior with valor and just a doomsaw I am alomst always 2nd or 3rd in the raid in DPS. I also tank with the doomsaw. It drive people crazy who haven't raided with me. They tell me to learn how to roll a warrior and that I should have shield and 1h for tanking. I reply "in UBRS and Baron" that is kiddie stuff" You only need 1h and shield for drac, the rest are easy and even drac will kill you with fire spamming not melee. I wish casters would just shut up and heal me. They don't know squat about us warriors who have been tanking for a very long time.
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