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Default Problem on using NVidia for 1AGP+1PCI cards to emulate 2 terminals.

My problem is to try to run 4 local terminals connected to a linux pc with 4 Nvidia MX 4000 graphic cards + 4 Monitors + 4 Keyboards + 4 mices. he full procedure is show at

People from the C3SL says only 1 AGP+1 PCI Nvidia cards may work if I use "nv" driver from XFree86, and to have the rest of the installed nvidia cards I have to use the "nvidia" driver from

Everything goes fine for two terminals. Here, i'll describe the problem and some tests i've made. I'll try to get the nvidia-bug-report.log because i'm not at home now.

I was using driver "nv" in XFree86-4 so the third terminal could not be
started. Now I'm trying to configure X to use "nvidia" instead of "nv" but it fails in several ways configured. Maybe I am doing wrong? I've reinstalled Debian sarge and made this group of six tests with the goal to configure 2 terminals using "nvidia" driver but just the first two of the six tests starts fine but are not using "nvidia" driver. The rest of the tests uses "nvidia" driver on different ways of configuration in XFree86-4, but all of these fails. I am getting out of ideas. I am sure that i'm losing something important step. Hope you can give me some clues. I've checked if Nvidia driver works for the first terminal (AGP card) without running other terminals and it was ok but fails when trying to start more terminals.

Machine specs:
Debian Sarge final.
Same video cards (1 AGP e-GeForce MX4000 64 mb, 3 PCI e-GeForce MX 4000 64 mb).
XFree86 Version (default from sarge)

Kernel 2.6.7 prepatched with ruby from C3SL.
NVidia driver version 6111 from C3SL.

Preparation: Installed debian sarge (final 3.10a) from start. Installing patched kernel 2.6.7 from C3SL and NVIDIA driver from C3SL. Grub configured to dumbcon=5 (i have 3 monitors, 1 keyboard PS/2 and 2 keyboards USB). But in this test I'll just try to run 2 terminals using the "nvidia" driver.

After, configured hotplug and test the first two terminals to check that every input device works fine (in this step the driver used in XFree86-4 was "nv"). Test OK (this is Test 1).

Test 2: Edit XFree86-4 to use "nv" driver. Created symlinks X0def and X1def to XFree86 in /usr/X11R6/bin. Also changed "gdm" to start both terminals as follows:

#this is the AGP (PCI:1:0:0) card
name=cero server
command=/usr/X11R6/bin/X0def -audit 0 -layout X0 vt7

#this is the first PCI (PCI:2:1:0) card
name=uno server
command=/usr/X11R6/bin/X1def -audit 0 -layout X1 -isolateDevice PCI:2:1:0 vt17

Started gdm an everything works fine in both terminals. This test was successful. Logs are in test2/.

Test 3: Edit XFree86-4 to use "nvidia" driver in both cards. "GLCore", "dri" deactivated and "glx" activated from "Module" section. When starting gdm X server starts in terminal 1 (AGP card) and the NVidia logo is shown. Mouse works for a 3-5 seconds, after, X server freezes. Xserver for terminal 2 (first PC card) never starts. Log files in test3/. No log files were created for terminal2 from XFree86 or gdm. Test unsucessful.

Test 4: Trying 'echo "1" >/proc/bus/pci/hackvideo'. Same configuration as step 3. Starting gdm: The result is equal as test 3; X and nvidia starts for terminal 1 and nothing for terminal 2. Log files in test4/. Test unsuccessful.

Test 5: Installing XFree86-430-prefbusid3 from aivili's home page to /usr/X11R6/bin. Created symlinks X0 and X1 to XFree86-430-prefbusid3. Modified gdm to use these symlinks against X0def and X1def. The rest of configuration is same as step 3. Log results in /test5. Results were similar to test3 so this test also was insuccessful

Test 6: Trying 4 and 5 at the same time: it means, running gdm with the same configuration as Test 5 but before running 'echo "1">/proc/bus/pci/hackvideo". Same result as test 3. Logs in /test6.

In the root dir are the XF86Config-4 and gdm.conf, also dmesg output. Rename the file from "" to "report.tar.gz". Winzip will open it.
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