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I figured it would be pretty much dead, station pass is out of my price range right now. My problem is everything we do is pretty much times 2, me and the GF play as a duo and that would be $40/month. I'm not even sure I'd want to waste my time in EQ2. I tried it, and every group I joined was a just a random collection of people who had 0 social skills. I never remember EQ being like that, people communicated, even if it was negative.

I often wondered why they never made a new server every so often. Having an untwinked world for guilds to develop would have been nice. I know its different now, but before a server could only accomodate 1 or 2 uber guilds without making hardships on the up and coming ones.

My toons were level 65-66 (on both accounts), gear wasn't elemental. I was doing planar raids with a guild and didn't do that bad. I heard that GoD put serious emphasis on resists, which I never really got to test.
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