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Default Re: Gtx, Dual Gtx Benchmark Thread!

Well, I have most 3dmark benchmark results in my sig. This is with just 1 Gainward 7800GTX. I have one more Gainwrd 7800GTX card and a spanking new Abit NI8 SLI board, so I plan on testing SLI out this coming weekend.

I'm still hoping for SLI support for my Asus P5WD2 955x board, I'm currently running both 7800's in it no problem, only SLI cannot be enabled.

Other results with 1 card:

Doom 3 1600x1200 HQ no fsaa: 98.3 fps
Quake 3 1600x1200 HQ no fsaa: 585.5 fps
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