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I liked EQ1's UI, I usually used drak-something or other. There is less going on with the UI anyway, WoW/EQ2 have all sorts of timing. Your always powering something up or doing a sequence.

You touched on one of the reasons I quit. I used to play a mage/ranger with shaman bot. If I didn't log on the bot, I'd been sitting LFG for hours. I even used to run LDONs with the shaman and the ranger... I know I wasn't alone tho, lots of people used to play 2-3 toons at a time. I guess thats where the challenge began lol. I did cursed with the shaman doing the slows and my ranger on auto-fire a few times. Also did the fatty in PoD botting the shammy for slows. Oh the fun :-)
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