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Question Nvidia, Suse 8.1, and games <-- need help

Hi all,
I don't wanna sound like dork here. I had a few dist. Linux (RedHat, Mandrake, Slackware, etc.). But I never had problem with my video before, I mean I even got Slackware to work with Nvidia drivers.
OK let's cut the cheese, my problem is with Suse 8.1, installation for new Nvidia drivers went well everything works but the games. It seems like all my games including Quake III does not fill the monitor (no full screen 1/4 maybe) no error messages, games play fine but not full screen.
Help please... Thanks
Mobo: Shuttle AK266-A
CPU: AMD XP 1800 @ 1750Mhz
HDD: WD Caviar 40Gig
HDD2: IBM 50Gig
Video: GeForce4 Ti4200
DVD: Sony 16X
CDR/W: Creative 40x16x8
Case: Antec 1080B 350watts
Ram: 512Mb PC 2100
OS: Suse 8.1
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