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Default Re: Gtx, Dual Gtx Benchmark Thread!

Originally Posted by jAkUp

But your sig says 12,081??!!
That was with the CPU running at 2.6ghz. Things seemed stable but I backed off of that since I don't know the limits yet. I normally like to find how far I can go without upping the voltage and fan speeds (or with just slight increases) and then back off that a little. So, for now I just went with the relatively safe 2.5ghz.

I haven't really tried overclocking the 7800s yet either. I'm not sure how well that will go for me so I may not bother. One of the cards auto-detects at 489/1.35 but the other auto-detects at like 470/1.31. I wasn't sure how things like that get resovled when using SLI, since it's all new to me, so I haven't really tried much yet.
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