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Default Re: glu library - solaris 10 x86

glxinfo, glxgears, and are available for Solaris 11
svn 19, on cd #2, in the cpio file:


I extracted the files with cpio and copied only what was needed to
/usr/openwin/bin, /usr/openwin/bin and /usr/X11R6/lib, respectively.

At least, glxinfo and glxgears work at this stage under Solaris 10 x86.

It would appear that glut will have to be built from network sources as
it is not included in the xorg packages... freeglut 2.4.0 is the current
stable version as of this posting.


1: don't forget to make the symlink -> or linking
will have troubles.

2: I suppose the glu.h header file is buried in their cpio xorg packages
as well, but copying over the one resident on my FC4 linux system
worked just fine for me.

3: build freeglut with sun's compiler (take them up on the free studio
compiler offer when you grab Solaris 11). The gcc 3.4.2 or 3.4.3 that
gets installed fails mysteriously on some file involving joysticks.

4: use 'gar' for 'ar' manually when the build dies, then just take the libs
you need from the .libs directory. Or just take the .so and note the
symlinks needed if you don't need the static library.

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