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Well, now I've decided NOT to resubscribe to EQ1. Here's the lowdown:

My GF has EQ1 with all expansions upto OOW. She gets the free 21 days.

A new customer who downloads a "eq trilogy" free, gets a free 21 day trial.

I have EQ1 with all expansions upto OOW, EQ2, Planetside, and SWG. Because I had station access for 1 month, their CSR told me I don't qualify for the 21 free day trial.

Last time they gave me a free trial I ended up subscribing for 6 months or so, bought 3 expansions in that time as well. Sony sure doesn't care about good customers, I paid the EQ1 bill for many months before cancelling it initially, and have came back on a couple occasions.

Oh well..
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