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Default Re: Problem on using NVidia for 1AGP+1PCI cards to emulate 2 terminals.

Today I have reproduced the problem using the kernel and the 1.0-7667 driver. As before, trying to start gdm using the AGP and the first PCI cards fails if using the "nvidia" driver: just one of the terminals is started. The second fails. Some note: I have also tested Xinerama using "nvidia" driver for the AGP card, "nv" for the first PCI card and "vesa" for the second PCI card, and worked fine. But what I wish to do is to run 2 or 3 different X servers using the nvidia driver.

Maybe the cards can must be pre-started or something like that? Maybe I need to add/remove some option from my XF86Config-4 file?

As attach comes the nvidia-bug-report.log and the XFree86.1.log (it was not added to the nvidia-bug-report.log so i attach it also). Just the XFree86.0.log appears on the nvidia-bug-report.log. Follows a description of the failed test:


Test: NVIDIA 1.0-7174+Kernel 4.3

I've installed Kernel 2.6.8-1 + patch from backstreet/ruby. I'm trying to create a standalone linux multiterminal with 4 terminals. After installing the kernel, installed NVIDIA driver 1.0-7174. In this test I am trying to start just 2 terminals using gdm and XF86Config-4 using "nvidia" driver. As before, just the first terminal starts (the agp card) and the other terminal dont. In this test I have included the logfile XFree86.1.log (it's the log for the second terminal). The test was run starting "gdm" configured for 2 terminals. Note: I have added "UseInt10Module" for this test on the "Device" section of XFree86-4. What am I doing wrong? I've added -isolateDevice to gdm, I've tested several configurations without having a clue on how to solve this problem: the goal is to start 4 distinct terminals (each terminal is a screen+card+mouse+keyboard).

Hope you can help me.

(Again, the specs from my box):

Linux Debian Sarge Final
XFree86 4.3
Kernel + ruby patch.
NVIDIA 1.0-7174 driver
1 AGP NVidia e-GeForce MX 4000
3 PCI NVidia e-GeForce MX 4000
3 keyboards (1 ps/2, 2 usb)
3 mouse(s) (1 ps/2, 2 usb)
P4 Hyperthread 3.0 + 1 Gb RAM.
1 Ethernet card PCI.

Originally Posted by netllama
The 1.0-6111 is relatively old. If you able to reproduce this problem with the 1.0-7667 driver, please generate and attach an nvidia-bug-report.log for review.

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