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Default Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst

So, anyone playing this now it has gone full release (actually happened a while ago)? I've been playing it for a couple of months now and I'm completely addicted.

One of the new features for Blue burst is the Team system. You can basically create a clan, you'll have your own logo, dressing room (don't ask) etc depending on the amount of rares your team finds. This is all really cool and I've wanted to get into it but I'm not keen on looking for a Team. I've been asked quite a few times because I'm at lvl 96 and I've got rather alot of rares but I've rejected...

Anyway, apart from the team system, Episode 4 is also online New monsters, weapons, items, rares and alot more. It's even more challenging then Episode 2 was, it really is pretty hard! I die so much in Ultimate on Eposide I, I dread to think what Episode 4 is like

Apart from the controls (which isn't really a problem, soon as you get used to them it's fine), this is by far the best version yet

Anyway, if enough people are playing this, does anyone fancy making an NVnews Team or some other random team? Could be pretty fun
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