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Default Re: NVidia Thermal Monitor (Applet?)

Various GeforceFX and earlier cards with hardware monitoring capabilities contain a sensor chip connected to the i2c bus. Generic Geforce 6800 class cards also use a sensor chip (LM99/MAX6659) or some vendors like Asus/Gigabyte add more advanced sensor (F75375S/W83L785R) which are unsupported by nvidia-settings. The case is different for other Geforce6 boards some use a i2c sensor but there also seems to be some builtin sensor. This seems to apply to Geforce 6200/6600 and 7800 boards. Note that the sensor isn't enabled on most 6200/6600 cards. Myself I added a i2c driver to nvclock (cvs) some time ago with support for all mentioned chips except for the builtin one. (don't have Geforce6 hardware) I hope to add low-level access support for it soon and also a way to enable the chip when it is disabled.
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