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Default Geforce4 MX440 TV-out problems

Need a few words about this. I recently bought a Geforce card. I bought used one cause I thought it will serve as a card in my firewall and didn't pay much attention on quality. However before it went to my firewall it ended up in a computer in my living room as we thought we caould all watch movies on TV. First I had problems finding the driver but fortunately nVidia has unified driver so it detected GeForce4 MX 440 with AGP 8x. Now the problem begins since it doesn't detect TV being connected on 4pin S-Video output. Furthermore I think it doesn't even recognize that it is capable of dual display; you know right click on windows desktop, select properties -> settings. As I remember there should be two display icons there? One clear and one dimmed? Please help me; what could be the problems? I installed newest drivers from nVidia.

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