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Default Re: 1.0-7667 for FreeBSD i386 released

First of all thanks for the new driver.
Now, I've found a few details, the most important being, that since the 2 or 3 last releases I've been unable to set up TwinView in my laptop to work with the laptop's DFP and the CRT output (by the way this happens in linux also). I know my xorg config is ok because changing CRT-0 to TV-0 turns on the tv-out and the image comes correctly on both the TV and the DFP. I've written to the nvidia freebsd folks, first the e-mail just bounced and bounced, then it managed to get through, but anyway I never have had a reply or any sort of indication it was read or that the problem is being investigated. I hope someone who reads this can help me out.

My laptop is a toshiba 5205 s503, it has a nvidia 4 go 460 GPU with 32 MB.
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