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Default Re: NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT Quick Look

Originally Posted by angshuman
Looks like all of these cards are hitting the memory bandwidth wall pretty bad . Chris, would you say that the GT and GTX have a significant amount of shader headroom that no current game is exploiting effectively? The GT seems to performing very close to a GTX, especially with increased clocks, and it almost seems like those 4 extra pixel shaders are not being used effectively by the GTX.
Nvidia claims memory bandwith is "pass'e" and that nowadays it's all about shaders. I agree with you though. It's a bottleneck, but not as huge of a one as the cpu bottleneck these cards have.

I'm still holding out to see what ATI has this fall. I'm hoping for more bandwith from them, and seeing as a x850 xt pe holds it's own in d3d against the 7800GT, i'm thinking we'll see a clone of last generation...ati ontop in d3d, and nvidia ontop in opengl.

If the 7800 Gt sells @ $399, it's a great deal.....but if it stays @ $449 for a while...ehhhhh.....pricewatch has 7800gtx's for $50 more. Not smart pricing if you ask me.
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