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Originally Posted by Sorrow
on Rallos Zek people would use Kelethin as a trader community too. A bunch of goodies. It was so fun to watch people run away and fall down to the bottom. Man, I miss EQ so bad.

If the population was back to normal (500k+ people), and everything post-luclin was taken out, I'd be all over it in a heartbeat. Ahh, the good ol days of just playin around with friends and doing sweet raids
eq emu.... its great

I honestly wouldnt even mind paying 15 bucks a month for any of these eq emulator servers. Alot of them are just great! Even better than the original EQ!(i know thats hard to believe). I did create my own server finally, but its nowhere near as good as these people who have had servers up for 3+ years. SOE needs "The Vision" back or EQ/EQ2 is going to die

With that said, I bet EQ 2 is much better now, but i refuse to join it again because of customer service. SOE charged me for 5 months after i canceled my account due to an error. I calmly and politely called them and let them know about the error and they basically spit in my face. They said they wouldnt refund me anything, even though i hadn't even played the game but for 2 weeks(free trial period from buying the 60 dollar game ). Yea so SOE can kiss my ass.

These days are turning into the "old days" when customer service meant something. It seems to me that people in general are slowly shifting out of this "what is the cheapest price!! I'm going to where they have the ****tiest customer service, but good prices!!!!" to "I'm going to Newegg. Prices are competitive and Customer service cannot be beat". The change in people is slow, but more and more i see people choosing customer service over price, which is a great thing.

Sorry about that tangent, but yea SOE customer service is terrible....
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