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Unhappy which PCIE cards have video overlay 6800,7800? 6600gt doesnt

I bought a pcie 6600gt, when I found out nvidia removed the video overlay, it went back...

Which of the newer PCIE cards still have hardware video overlay?

without the overlay there are no controls for xvideo, brightness,contrast,hue,etc

Looking for nv17 video overlay in xvinfo
older nvidia card
Xvideo: NV17 Video Overlay: input image, ports 140-140
Xvideo: NV17 Video Texture: input image, ports 141-141
Xvideo: NV05 Video Blitter: input image, ports 142-173
Xvideo: NVIDIA Video Interface Port: input video, ports 174-174

6600gt only has
Xvideo: NV17 Video Texture: input image, ports 271-271
Xvideo: NV05 Video Blitter: input image, ports 272-303
^no video overlay, or video interface port(whatever that is)

Does anyone have a PCIE 6800NU card? chip is nv41? (must be pcie, agp version is nv40 which still has overlay)
Does it have NV17 video overlay?
can you post what lspci identifies the video card as, and the output of xvinfo

The pcie 6800gt,ultra are nv45?, same transistor count as nv40 at 222
do these cards have overlay still? yes, no

What about the newer 7800GT,GTX?
Do they have video overlay?

yes, there are other threads relating to the missing video overlay for 6600cards , I want to know about the other cards...
I'm mainly looking for answers on the 6800nu pcie as its the cheaper of the bunch, but would also like to know about the others,
if nvidia is removing this this from all its future cards, I wont be buying any future nvidia cards...

sorry for the long post
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