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Default Re: Dungeon Siege II Multiplayer

Originally Posted by zoomy942
i have been searching arouind the web and there isnt very much information on the multiplayer of this game. anyone have it and tried it out?
I would assume that it will be similar to the MP in the original DS. I like to take things for what they are (not expect a banana to taste like a pineapple or whatever) doing so, I really liked DS in both single and MP. My best friend and I played DS MP all the time. It is similar to Diablo but much better IMO on many fronts. DS2 should add to this with the addition of pets (I think they can be in the MP as well). I would like to see the ability to save anywhere and at anytime during a MP session and be able to resume from that exact point. That was not the case in DS as you had to reach the next marker in the game to then save there. Anyway, hope that helps a bit. I'm looking forward to DS2.
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