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Default Re: GF-FX 5800... Pre-Production model?

As for BIOS upgrades and things like that, other than possible default clock speeds and other little configurations... Would I see a great increase in performance? (I'm going with 3dMark scores here.)

So... I could actually get rid of the ol' dust buster... Hmm... Intriguing. I have a love/hate relationship with it however. I like it because people think my computer has a lot more power than it does (Nothing like seeing 4 fans light up, a HUGE HSF light up and that card start whining.)

I hate it because it's annoying at night. Can't turn up things too loud, but I'm not able to hear things loud enough, because that damned fan is just whining in my ear. Oh well.

So yeah. BIOSes? And not to sound like a dink, but I think I'll stick with nVidia BIOSes... Something about it being genuine makes me feel comfortable.

EDIT: In case anyone wants to know, I have a ThermalTake Beetle for my AMD 3200+. Thank you.
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