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Default HDTV (1920x1080) video + nvidia + mythtv = Frustration

I've been tinkering with my mythtv HDTV setup for almost a month now and here are the various problems I've encountered with nVidia driver.

I am using it with a P4 3GHz machines and 6200 TC card. I've tried both pcHDTV and Air2PC cards. I am running 7667 drivers

My Toshiba TV only has Component in (no DVI) and it only likes 1080i (not 720p).

1. Was able to get Component Out to work using Option "TVStandard" "HD1080i". I get 800x600 picture centered and video works fine in that mode. However thats not HDTV. So I tried a standard modeline for 1920x1080. The picture is horribly overscanned and I couldn't find a way to work around that. More importantly, playing any kind of video using xv locks up the machine instantly.
I found the following post with same problem

2. So, I gave up on the component out. Hooked up a RCA transcoder to the VGA port. 920x540p works fine. I was even able to tweak that modeline to get rid of the overscan completely. But its not HDTV. So I tried the standard 1920x1080i modeline (interlaced). As the following post describes, now I get a "split" and "wrapped" screen! So can't win there either.

Both of these problems have been reported a while ago. I haven't seen any one from nVidia acknolwedge these problems. So at this point, I don't think nVidia is a viable video card choice if you need HDTV 1080i unless some one knows a work around for this situation.

If any one knows a work around, or recommendations for alternative video card (nvidia or ATI or other) for 1080i HDTV video, your help is much appreciated.

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