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Default Re: Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

No one knew how well the MMORPG crave would take off, especially Verant. Heck most people thought Verant were crazy for requiring 3D Acceleration.

EQ1 is flawed but so is EVERY MMORPG out there, I know that CH was unbalanced and forced every encounter to be created around it... trust me as a End Game Cleric... I know...

Even if looking at the walls and being in a CH rotation, I still had more fun in EQ1 then EQ2 and WoW together... Not even L2 which is my main MMORPG currently is drawing me in like EQ1 did.

The game had flaws but it had the staying power and the draw to keep people for so long, this is whats lacking in about all current MMORPGs.
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