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Default Re: Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

Magus. Current MMORPGs havent been around long enough to come close to offering the content EQ 1 does. Give them time and some breathing room and you may be surprised. Before Kunark EQ 1 had the same problems WoW/EQ2 have right now. Not enough content to keep players satisfied. In fact things were even worse.

Two High level zones. Both were camped so excessively you could walk from lower guk entrance to Ghoul Lord room. Or Solusek B where you could walk from entrance to Naggy's lair without aggroing a soul. And 2 raid zones before Kunark. ((Plane of Hate/Fear, And hate being implemented near Kunark's implementation)). It's not fair to say games dont offer the content of EQ 1 when they have been released. In Comparison to EQ 1 on release. WoW and EQ 2 offer alot more content than either EQ1 ever did. And both have nicely solved the overcrowding problem with instances. Half the EQ 1 bottlenecks at the time were just finding mobs to hunt. This is why Guard Hunting became so popular. Despite Verants significant efforts to disuade it.

Games cant have the infinate content EQ 1 does have without extensive amounts of time invested into expansions/ect. Sony does seem to be following the EQ 1 trend and doing an expansion every 6 months regardless. And yes EQ 2 and WoW have problems. EQ 2's biggest problem right now is the fisher price combat system it has going. Thank god they are fixing it. I have been testing the EQ 2 revised combat system and it is much much better. Classes feel alot more like their EQ 1 counterparts and have flavor, ((Bards, Have charms, mezzes, Necromancers have lifetaps and faster dots, ))The stats also actually matter ((Str/Agility/Wis/Int)) in a way thats positive to having them now as well. Gear is being made more meaningful. Which will seperate high end gear from low end gear. Ect. To make raiding more worthwhile. Gear should scale similarly too spell scrolls nowadays.
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