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Default Using DRI and nvidia's drivers at the same time...(multihead)

I have been messing around with the source to dri trying to get it to load at the same time as nvidia's glx , and a long story short, i can force both modules to load and X to start, But concidering many of the glx calls are registered more than once there is no good way to decipher between them... So basically I am trying to come up with a way for them to play nice together

I have been reading code (xfree86, utah-glx, dri) on how glx works (inside the Xserver i mean) and the only way i can see it actually working is if inside of the Xserver we never directly load any of the glx modules, Instead we load our own glx module which in turn loads up the other glx modules, and also sends out the neccessary glx calls based upon the screen. If anyone wants to help, or has any comments please reply

If you can think of a better way to do this, please reply also

- r0gu3
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