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Default Re: Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

Please forgive my in-consistant nature of this post, it's kinda mis-mashed together, somewhat random thoughts, hey it's late and i've been up for 18 hours.

That's a good start, now they just need to work on Performance, Art, and get rid of Trivial Loot and Locked Combat and they will be on to somthing.

It's pretty sad when the differnce between a Dual 7800 GTX and a single 9800 Pro is about 20 frames hehe. Not to mention the game won't even run at Widescreen resolutions with SLI right now

WoW got that right at least. WoW is probably the closest current mmo to EQ1 there is. You can see alot of influence in wow from EQ.

I'd argue your point about CH not being balenced now, as I think it is, but no point in debating symantics. Also what are these other games that where sooo much better balenced then EQ? Dark Age of Camelot? let me tell you a story about this game, I had a brief 1 month tirade into this world and Hunters where anything but balenced friend, not even close for months people complained about them owning everything. I quit shortly thereafter so I don't know how that ended, but I wouldent be surprized if it carried on for months onward.

And how do we define "Balence" anyways, you open up a huge can of worms here. Take Wow for instance.. Hunters are the very best PVE class in the game, they suck ass for PVP, does that make them balenced? Shamans are awsome PVP and so-so PVE, rogues are insane PVP and Insane PVE as well? How do you define "Balence" if you remember back in the day clerics could not solo **** whatsoever. But they where exceptional in groups.

Not saying wow's perfect, far from it, PVE is really boring, and there is no meangingful LFG tool, the innkeeper system sucks, though battle grounds if hella fun, alot of noobs play WOW so it's just alot of fun to get out there and chop people down hehe, im always top 3 killer in Battleground, regardless of which team wins.

Here you go, these numbers are laughable at best haha. What a disgrace, but we all know that EQ2 has some Elite programers and their code is highly optimized and it's just that the game REQUIRES Super computers, there's no possible way that somthing that looks 2x better and runs circles around this game will come out in the next year or two.

HMM on an unrelated note (im an Nvidiot myself) GO ATI! hehe damn that's impressive, single ATI card riding witht he big boys, a whole 4 fps slower then Dual 7800's, but hell we all know this bad boy is "Nvidia the way it's Meant to be played!" hahaha

Disclaimer: Yes i know the reason the numbers are like this is the game is Obviously CPU limited, the question remains? WHY? It must be all that AI and Network overhead right? yeah that's it, cause god knows no other MMO has AI this advanced and has absolutely no network overhead. Dont' worry though im sure the Elite crew at SOE is currently working their butts off to code in Multi-Proc support, I mean a game so CPU limited should see massive increases from Dual Proc /X2 sony wouldent just put somthing that huge ont he backburner and ignore it for the rest of this games lifetime.

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