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Originally Posted by Elderblaze
Not saying wow's perfect, far from it, PVE is really boring, and there is no meangingful LFG tool,
WoW's PVE is almost a complete cut and paste from EQ1s. You mention that WoW has no LFG Tool but neither did EQ1 when it original released. I remembered Countless hours sitting at a zone entrance shouting for a group... they didn't even have a visible "LFG" tag for a long time, you had to search the zone list to see whos LFG.

Both WoW and EQ2 should have content amount that matches EQ1 to Kunark. EQ1 launched with a lack of content because it still took everyone a hell of a long time to complete it. Naggy wasn't even killed till more then 5 months after release... WoW and EQ2 have almost been completed just shortly after launch. This is mainly to the fault of the developers, they are not adapting the game model to the community. They need to have a balance of low and highs which I believe EQ1 did very well untill after luclin (PoP+). Even Velious had areas where a lvl 30+ could explore and Kunark had zone ranges for every level 1-60.
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