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Default Re: Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

Both WoW and EQ2 should have content amount that matches EQ1 to Kunark. EQ1 launched with a lack of content because it still took everyone a hell of a long time to complete it. Naggy wasn't even killed till more then 5 months after release... WoW and EQ2 have almost been completed just shortly after launch. This is mainly to the fault of the developers, they are not adapting the game model to the community. They need to have a balance of low and highs which I believe EQ1 did very well untill after luclin (PoP+). Even Velious had areas where a lvl 30+ could explore and Kunark had zone ranges for every level 1-60
Except the raid zones in WoW are still mostly untouched. Because some areas of WoW are just insanely difficult. The strange thing about WOW is the game goes from super easy to super hard dependent on where you are. Once you start doing some of the end game instances. The difficulty revamps up.

In Regards to EQ 2. Yes EQ 2 raid content is trivial because of the fisher price combat system. Right now its possible to buff charactors up to 100% avoidance. Hence why they are completely redoing the combat system. While the average player game seems to move more smoothly. Heroics/Epic encounters are actually difficult. The game is being balanced to where grouping is absolutely required for heroics. ((Even greens)) Its obvious to me that Sony didnt really test the EQ 2 combat system before implementing it well at high levels. At least when taking into account raiding and multiple class buffing.

In about 2 weeks. This wont be anymore at all. Raids will be hard. Epic Encounters will be hard. And sony can get back to work on actual content.
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