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Default Re: Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

haha im on a roll now baby! Upon further analysis of this little chart here, perhaps EQ2's not as CPU limitd as we think eh? If it was 100% CPU limited and holding the true power of 7800's back 4x aa should have like absolutely no effect on performance, to bad when you enable AA you take a ~20%(rough guess) performance decrease
Alright.. Heres a quote from me in the EQ 2 forums. Everquest 2 is not entirely CPU limited. Only some aspects of it are.

Originally Posted by ChrisRay
regards to not using the full power of your GPU. The answer to your question is yes and no. As you might imagine current GPUS tend to have 2 functions. Drawing pixels and drawing geometry. In my experience with the game engine. The game is remarkably bound by shader/pixel filling power under these certain conditions.

1) Water
2) Particle Fillrate
3) Specular Lighting
4) Normal Maps
5) Lighting Quality
6) Bloom Effects

However the game is also remarkably bound by the processing capability of your CPU under these various conditions.

1) Polygon Detail
2) Animation Quality
3) Foliage
4) High Detail Charactors
5) Low Detail Charactors
6) Texture performance.

Now I know it doesnt seem to make alot of sense to draw the geometry detail on on the CPU from one perspective. Marketing aside, it makes sense to though from a business perspective.. Most mainstream/midrange graphic cards which feature the capabilities to render EQ 2 simply do not have the vertex/geometry crunching power available to render EQ 2's detailed enviroments. Currently there is very limited means of adjusting this as well. ((I think EQ 2 could use the ability to clip planes Ala EQ 1). The texture performance also seems to be limited by the bus speed of your system between the graphic card and the system memory due to the way textures are shared between GPU and system memory. This is likely the reason why some systems stutter and some do not. Mainly AGP systems with instability of the AGP bus. Of course thats speculation on my part. But I predict most texture stuttering is related to such issues and hard drive trashing.

I think its important people be fair and realistic here. ((And I admit we're all victoms of marketing at times)) that sony needed to design a game forward looking while still maintaining compatibility with current software. Sony wouldnt have any market for computers that dont exist yet.
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