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Default Re: Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

Originally Posted by ChrisRay
In about 2 weeks. This wont be anymore at all. Raids will be hard. Epic Encounters will be hard. And sony can get back to work on actual content.
They've revamped all of the epic encounters already. Vison of Vox is practically unkillable. Lvl 57 with a 4.5k+ dmg AoE. The tower in Commonlands was revamped (forgot name :X) with the epic lvl 54, my guild (No Debt on Crushbone, one of the top guilds) tried it and we got beat 3 times in a row. The guy spams for 2.5k + he has loike 8 lvl 52's with him just stomped the **** out of the rest of the crew.
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