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Default Re: HDTV (1920x1080) video + nvidia + mythtv = Frustration

I am running a Toshiba 26HF84 tube HDTV from an FX5200 using DVI-HDMI adapter.
with the option "noddc", the 720p modeline I use is;

ModeLine "1280x720" 74.2 1280 1384 1440 1648 720 726 732 750

I did get 1080i working on the 7174 driver at one point, but I can't find the modeline right now.

since I don't have any hi-def content in mythtv(yet) this resolution is fine, however I still have quite high overscan. I use mythtv's settings to shrink the gui to compensate for overscan. It works the same way in 1080i.

I got into the service menu on my tv to change the overscan size, but the geometry at the edges is really bad, so I set it back to normal
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