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Default Re: GEFORCE FX 5500/whats the best driver?

Originally Posted by thechad77
i have a compaq AMD 3200+ 2.2gig 512 ddr ram 200 gig h/drive with a geforce fx 5500 256 ram ive tried allot of drivers i want to know what is the best i play doom3, call of duty ,farcry,tiger woods and more i forget what driver i had but it was running doom3 rather freakin sweet i upgraded a few times now im not sure . I want the best driver for my games i know the 5500 isnt the most popular but i know i can get better performance out of it ( OH yeah my clock speeds are 290 core 380 mem) help me with my drivers please!!!! 71.89 now in use doesnt seem to run as well as previous drivers but not 4 sure!!!?? please help!!!!

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