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Default Re: PB with nvidia 1.0-7667 for Solaris x64/x86

Originally Posted by judgeraid
I'm trying to install nvidia drivers 1.0-7667 under Solaris 10

All seemed to be ok but when i reboot i had this message :

WARNING : consconfig:cannot find driver for screen device
Can't find driver for console framebuffer

I have no driver for the console. I must connect via SSH to reconfigure my station. I have a Geforce4MX440.
The 1.0-7667 driver installation will not create a device alias for the
GeForce 4 MX 440. If you did not try to create your own alias, the
GF4 should still be bound to the vgatext driver for console operations.
It smells like you tried to create your own alias. If so, undo any
changes you made to /etc/driver_aliases. The do:

update_drv -a -i '"pci10de,171"' nvidia
reboot -- -r

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