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Default Re: driver hangs on boot up

Originally Posted by keithk
I have downloaded and tried both version of the solaris 10 x86 Nvidia Graphics Driver for my machine; both of them hangs on boot up during which the driver is trying to load.
I am running Solaris 10 express (5.11 svn_17). I have a GeForce MX GPU. I was able to get it to work before on an older version of Solaris 10. However, I had some other problems that forces me to use this version.


We are seeing problems with snv releases on motherboards where
the graphics board shares the same interrupt priority. If you manage to
get Solaris booted and see a message like this:

.... IRQ16 is being shared by drivers with different interrupt levels.
.... This may result in reduced system performance.

If the interrupt is being shared by a uhci device, there are certain
platforms where the interrupt appears to get stuck on. This is still
being investigated.

If you can boot off a PS/2 keyboard and mouse, see if your BIOS
has the option to disable the USB controllers. Experiment with this
to see if it masks the hang.
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