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Angry XV_BRIGHTNESS on a TNT2 - driver bug or unsupprted?


I've just found out (after hours of searching the net) that the lack of adjustability to the brightness on a linux box with a TNT2 (Ultra in my case) and the XV extensions is a lack of support in the driver.
I've blamed mplayer dev's several times about this, 'cause I thought they were to blame, but obviously (after a quick and fast xvinfo ^^) you see the that the nvidia drivers lacks support for it. As long as the driver does not support XV_BRIGHTNESS you'll have to stick to a dark screen - no xvattr, xgamma or similar tools will work!
My big question is now: is a TNT2 (Ultra) generally unable to support the XV_BRIGHTNESS or is it just a silly and annoying bug in the nvidia driver (using latest build 4180, tried several others) ???
Hope someone is able to help me, else I'll poke nvidia directly...

Thx, bye
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