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Default Re: XV_BRIGHTNESS on a TNT2 - driver bug or unsupprted?

Originally posted by KingFish
(using latest build 4180,
You have an as-yet-unreleased AMD Opteron chip? I doubt that...

Build 4180 is for the AMD 64-bit platform, formerly called the Hammer, and now called the Opteron. No one has one of them, because they don't yet quite exist. You want 4191, the IA-32 version. That may very well be the source of your problems -- note my xvinfo:

    number of attributes: 9
      "XV_BRIGHTNESS" (range -512 to 511)
              client settable attribute
              client gettable attribute (current value is 0)
Although this is on a GF4, so it is possible that your hardware won't work with it. However, if you installed 4180, then it is very likely that you don't even have the driver set up right. Get rid of anything you have now, and install 4191 (or even 3123).
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