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Unhappy i810_audio driver + Wine

I was sorting through the i810_audio.c audio driver source code and it states as a comment that this driver doesn't support 8 bit mode. Wine tries to initialize the card to 8-bit mode. That's why it can't find your sound card. I'm not sure if this is a hardware limitation or just the programmers decided they didn't want 8-bit mode. The SDL libraries ( will emulate 8-bit layer if the hardware doesn't support it. I read in a mailing list for wine about an SDL back-end driver. It was experimental and I'm not sure about the progress of it. I e-mailed the guy but he hasn't responded. This is the only limitation keeping me from playing Counter Strike :-(. Which is the only Windows game I really like. I also e-mailed the ALSA-Devel list about adding 8 bit support and the MCP-2 chipset to their intel8x0 driver. Haven't gotten word back on that yet either.
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