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Default Re: NV40 antialiasing sample patterns

Originally Posted by ChrisRay
I am sure alot of you know. 4x Gamma corrected Anti Aliasing has been present in many of the 7x.xx drivers. I can confirm it works in the 71.80 and up. But I am pretty sure it will work in most. It does invoke a performance hit compared to normal 4x ((But its not that bad either)). So if you miss ATI's 4xAA implementation its definately work checking out as some people like Gamma Corrected Anti Aliasing.

4x OGMS is no longer working as far as I can tell in the 7x.xx drivers and up. If anyone knows the key to enable it. Let me know. I cant find it.

Anyway. I updated the investigation to include this. Which will unlock Gamma Corrected Anti Aliasing.

FSAAMode01 = 2 x 1
FSAAMode02 = 1 x 2
FSAAMode05 = 2 x 2
FSAAMode0E = 2x
FSAAMode0F = Quincunx
FSAAMode10 = 4x RGMS
FSAAMode12 = 4x 9-tap
FSAAMode13 = 4xS
FSAAMode17 = 12x
FSAAMode19 = Old 8x
FSAAMode1A = 16x Hybrid
FSAAMode16 = Old 6x (D3d)
FSAAMode18 = New 8x
FSAAMode1B = 4x Gamma Corrected
FSAAMode0D = 16x OGSS
ah, i'm going to assume since you didn't mention that 4x gamma warning in nhancer that it's working a-ok.
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