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well, xgamma works fine, but only on non-XV windows, namely complete X will get bright, just the mplayer output window will stay dark

Hurray, just found out how to work around this:
My main problem with birghtness was in mplayer; due to a slow CPU I have to use hardware accelareted XV output (though SDL), else movies won't play smooth. And XV_BRIGHTNESS wasn't available so no play around. Using X11 FrameBuffer output got me brighter output but dropped frames as hell. Well, now I just discovered this: if you use mplayer with the '-vop eq' command it will enable software 'scaling' and proccesses the frame before sending it for output. Of course this will cost some CPU power, but it works!
So, everybody messing with the same prob (slow CPU, bad graphic card (at least for linux ), bad monitor (dark as hell) etc ) just invoke mplayer everytime with -vop eq (or place vop=eq in ~/.mplayer/config ) and then keys 1-4 (1: -conrast, 2: +contrast, 3: -brightness, 4: +brightness) will work! If you even have a faster CPU you may also use vop=eq2 (which is a lot slower) but you can also change the gamma directly (keys 5-8, I think)

"Another (linux) mystery well solved! "

Hope this will help other ppl, too

Bye and thx alot bwkaz!

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