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Default Well the NDA is officially up on Desert of Flames.


Configurable Voice Emotes: Players now have voice emotes such as /flirt /help /healme similar to WoW. The voice overs are well done and not at all detrimental. The best thing about them is the multiple voice sets you are allowed. They can be changed/configured ala Neverwinter Nights

Performance in Expansion: The new expansion zones run much much better than some older zones. You wont run into crap like you see in Zek the Orcish waste where your entire system chugs near the docks. Even the city of Maj'Dul runs very very well.

New Combat System: The new combat system. Despite alot of players complaints. Its much much smoother. Battles arent as reliant on special abilities ((still needed)) combat skills share the same timer. And most melee abilities are cast time free. Stats actually matter in a way that makes having them wortwhile. Strength increases damage in a considerable way and agility makes you more difficult to hit. Class balance is much much better.

Changes to Armor/Weapon System/item system: Using weapons/items/armor no longer scale with you as you level. When you recieve the level to use an item. Its now usable at full ability. However there is now more distinction maded between handcrafted/treasured/fabled/legendary items. This may seem like a nerf to handcrafted but hancrafted is still great stuff to buy early on. Treasured/Fabled/Legendary eequipment find much much more meaning.

I'm iffy about the next changes.

No Group Experience Debt: The removal of group experience debt is not exactly something I am entirely thrilled about

What I am against...

Encounters No longer Lock: Encounters are no longer locking. So if a player is engaged in an encounter. Some high level healer can stand behind them and effectively Power Level yet again. Terribly unpleased with this. However people can assist people in combat. The exp reward goes to the person who started the fight. However if that person doesnt do more than 50% damage they only get half experience. This opens up the game for griefing yet again..

Theres alot of new content aimed at the 45 + crowd. I'll be back later to fill more people in if their curious.
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