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Default Re: Problem on using NVidia for 1AGP+1PCI cards to emulate 2 terminals.

i have tried the suggested workaround provided by Victor but it does not work for me.......

the probe is sucessful, but when i load the nvidia driver the pci card is still not detected and a cat /dev/nvidia0 still produces an io error.

if i try and use the nv driver for both pci and agp cards, interestingly the pci card output is non existant and X is running at 100% cpu for the pci server.

so its all very broken.

any ideas nvidia ?

i was hoping to buy another 2 nvidia cards for this pc, and another 8 cards for another 2 pc's i am yet to build....but i obviously would be silly to purchase 10 more pci cards with the results so far.
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