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Default Re: Well the NDA is officially up on Desert of Flames.

Other people can attack the mob you are fighting. OP didn't include what this actually meant...

*** Encounter Locking Changes ***

- Encounter locking restrictions have been relaxed for non-raid encounters.
- Raid encounters should continue to behave exactly as before with the previous encounter locking rules.
- Non-raid encounters have been changed as follows:
- There are no longer lock icons on you or your enemies.
- The first group or person to attack a creature will receive any reward it grants upon death, including loot and experience.
- Other players can assist in your fight by damaging your enemies or healing you.
- You will receive a reduced XP reward if your group contributes less than 50% of the damage needed to kill something.
- You can change group options and add/remove people from groups while fighting (note that fighting raid encounters still prevents this).
- Damage credit is correctly tracked if you add people helping you to the group before something dies.
- Any faction increase or decrease the creature grants will be applied to everyone the creature hates when it dies.
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