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Smile 1.2ghz 266 fsb TBird, VT GF2 GTS, MSI K7T Turbo-R mobo

I have the following items for sale if anyone is interested:

a) 1.2 ghz 266fsb TBird Retail Box $60

b) 2 sticks of 128 megs Mushkin PC150 HSDRAM $60 each

c) K7T Turbo-R mobo (Bios 2.9) Retail Box $85 Includes Blue Orb on North Bridge

d) Visiontek GF2 GTS 32 meg (Not a V card but real GTS) OEM $60
Speed is 200c/333m

All parts bought new from NewEgg in March of 2001, and used for 10 months till January 2002. No problems with anything

Currently the TBird and memory are already mounted in the K7T Turbo-R mobo. Would like to sell whole rather than take apart.

If you buy the mobo, cpu, and memory I will include a coolshim and Volcano 2 HS/F (As they are already installed also) I used Artic Silver 2 on the core. I will also lower the price to $225 total plus shipping.

Buy everything for $275 plus shipping.

Leave message if interested. Was going to build a second system for my dad but I will be upgrading my current system and he will be getting that one (See signature), so I really don't need these parts anymore.
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