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Default Re: Madden 2006 SLI issues anyone?

The game does have a 85hz 1600x1200x32 option. I'm using it.

The only issue I seem to have is the flickering shadows issue. I can usually get rid of it although I'm not sure how. But, it seems to come back after I end Madden or reboot or whatever. I'm still trying to figure that out. I had it working last night but just tried it again and the flickering shadows are back. I've been through that twice thinking I had it fixed each time but it keeps coming back.

No corruption in game, helmet mapping is fine, etc.

Edit: BTW, I guess you can tell vsync isn't working because of the tearing? I'm not getting any tearing and my framerate seems to be capped at 60 so I can't really tell if it's working or not.

Edit 2: Actually, I think what is happening with the flickering shadows is that it comes and goes. So, when I was trying different settings and then doing a quick check it was sometimes not happening but if I would have continued to play, I would have seen it.
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