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Default Re: Madden 2006 SLI issues anyone?

Okay, I am having one major issue though. I thought it was because I was overclocking my system but it just happened again. Sometimes when starting Madden my screen goes blank. I basically lose the video signal and I can't get it back until I reboot. I can see the hard disk being accessed and the system still seems to be running but I can't get the video signal back. Even after hitting the reset button, I still have to turn my monitor off to get it to work again. It seems to happen about every 3rd or 4th time I start Madden. I'll see if it still happens after installing the 77.77.

Edit: Okay, I discovered that I lose the video signal or rather my monitor shuts off but turning it off and back on, things are fine. It's like my monitor goes into sleep mode. After upgrading to 77.77, instead of hitting reset when it happened, I just turned the monitor off and back on. Madden was still running and things were fine. Overall, SFR still works for me with the 77.77. The performance is a little lower than the 77.76s but other than that, they seem fine.
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