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There is one thing I want to say about that.

The bold part of this line:

kernel /vmlinuz-2.4.21-pre3-ac4 ro root=LABEL=/ hdd=ide-scsi idebus=66 ide0=ata66 ide1=ata66
is NOT going to improve your IDE bus speed, at ALL. In fact, if your kernel doesn't enable DMA, it will very likely either crash the system, or corrupt your hard drive.

That parameter (idebus) controls what the kernel thinks your PCI bus speed is. The kernel needs to know this if your hard drive is in PIO mode, so that it knows how to time requests to the drive. Since very few PCI buses are actually 66MHz, this is almost always wrong. And if the kernel goes into PIO mode, and sends data twice as fast as the device can receive it, it'll either lock up, or lose data, neither of which are good.

My advice would be to get rid of that idebus=xx in the menu.lst file.

Other than that, though, it looks as good as I can figure (since I don't have an a7n8x board)
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