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Default Re: x86_64 lock-up problems - any ideas?

Hi bms20,

You are not alone, I have have the same problems.

But it only happens when running as root.
The machine is fine when run as a user.
Also the machine is perfect under XP64...

I am running a K8WE/ 2xOpteron 275/ LeadTek 7800GTX
64 bit Fedora core 4, 7676 drivers.
Using a custom kernel as the dual cores oopsed with powernow on stock FC4 kernel.

Logging in as root all I need do to lock it up instantly is open the desktop properties select an OpenGL screensaver, the preview shows nicely, and then change to a different OpenGL screensaver. Locks up. Or run glgears twice. Locks up.
Also the machine occasionally acts like a key is stuck down on the keyboard eg after pressing n "nnnnnnnn...." then locking up entirely.
It responds to a ping only and the power button occasionally manages to shut it down.

I'd been logging in as root as I'd not gotten the machine stable enough to dream of setting up my user account properly...

I put a serial console on and rebooted then, for a change, I logged in as a standard user. Three hours later the machine was still working... Ran through all the opengl screensavers and no problem.

So as root it locks up, as a user it's fine. Possibly a weird permissions problem..?

Hope you find a solution, will post again if I find anything more!

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